A History Of Sipping At Sea
Origin Story

Did sweet & sour mix get its start as an open ocean concoction?

With spirit, sugar and citrus, the basic sour formula is the foundation of many classic cocktails. Unpretentious and undeniably delicious, the whiskey sour holds strong as one of the most long-standing and popular drinks in cocktail canon, a stepping stone for all kinds of interpretations.

Long before the first whiskey sour recipe was penned on paper, sailors in the British Navy had been drinking a similar concoction. Using whatever spirits they had on hand, sugar and lemons and limes for taste, they drank this primitive version of the sour on long journeys across sea both to help deter scurvy and to pass the time. A rare stroke of genius that served a specific purpose while still providing needed entertainment! 

Since then, we have seen the classic sour elevated to new heights. With Agalima, we give you the purest and freshest product possible to make this historic cocktail your own. Using organic, hand-picked lemons, pure cane sugar and Jalisco blue agave nectar, we bottle the most exceptional blend for all your cocktail needs. So if you’re considering taking to the high seas anytime soon, might we suggest you bring a bottle or two along for the ride? To prevent scurvy of course!