about us

Our History

Craft Authentic

What you experience when you craft your cocktail with Agalima Organic Cocktail Mixers began generations ago. 

We created Agalima with a few things in mind. Like making an authentic product using only fresh organic ingredients, the history of classic cocktails from the world over, and evolving these classic recipes for a new generation of cocktail lovers and innovators. From the soil and climate where each cocktail originated to the glass you’re holding in your hand, our organic cocktail mixers connect you to the freshest and most authentic recipes. Those that have endured for generations, and those that will continue to endure as you develop traditions of your own with Agalima cocktail mixers.

Organic and Original  

Our journey began with a simple vision: to create organic cocktail mixers like no other. Mixers that reflect our deep-rooted commitment to nature's finest offerings—like hand-picked organic limes basking in the sun until they reach peak perfection, carefully ripened tomatoes that taste straight from the garden, and Jalisco Blue Agave Nectar with rich honeyed notes. We source and process each ingredient in our organic cocktail mixers with care, so you can taste authentic in every sip.