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Organic Ingredients.
Authentic Flavors.

We focus on pure, natural ingredients to create exceptionally fresh cocktail mixers. A freshness we can only describe as straight-from-the-backyard good—like single-pressed citrus, Jalisco blue agave nectar, pure cane sugar, and organic produce picked at the height of readiness. Taste the very nature of your cocktails with Agalima.

Explore Flavors

organic without compromise

Sip the Goodness of Nature

Some of our favorite experiences begin with cocktails shared amongst friends. On a beach, in a backyard, at the lake—it all starts with good people, great conversation, and exceptional drinks made from the freshest ingredients. Craft new stories with Agalima’s organic cocktail mixers today.

Time-honored recipes, served with a twist.

Our recipes come to you from new and old. An archive of classic flavors—some of which date back hundreds of years—infused with modern details and a focus on pure, natural ingredients. Because when you start with the freshest ingredients, you can taste the authenticity in every sip. Explore Agalima’s heritage-inspired recipes today.

A recipe from the garden

Featured Recipe

Cucumber Thyme Gimlet

Whether you live in a big city highrise or a quaint country home, everybody can use an herb garden. This herbaceous drink—with the welcome additions of zesty lime, delicately crisp cucumber, and cool thyme—takes this classic recipe to new heights.

A history of classic cocktails

Authentic Stories

Every cocktail has its story; a heritage rooted in a culture, a people, and a way of life. We created Agalima to honor the origins of our organic cocktail mixers. Explore our authentic stories to discover the fascinating history behind your favorite drinks.