From The Herb Garden
Origin Story

Whether you live in a big city highrise or a quaint country home, everybody could use an herb garden.

There’s not much like going out in the backyard to pick some perfectly ripe produce, throwing it into whatever you’re cooking and enjoying a homegrown meal. It doesn’t come without hard work, though, and an herb garden can fit into almost any lifestyle. It’s a naturally organic way to make everything that comes out of your kitchen perfectly seasoned.

With a fraction of the commitment that a full vegetable garden might require, an herb garden can still be completely customizable to your taste. Parsley, cilantro, mint, basil, thyme… the options are endless. Remember these ingredients can do more than flavor your food. Here are a few recipes that incorporate the sumptuous scents of an herb garden into your repertoire of refreshing cocktails.


Delicately sweet and herbaceous, fresh basil pairs wonderfully with sweet raspberries and tart lime for this blossoming margarita.


Herbaceous gin and chartreuse create a complex, sweet base for this gimlet. The addition of zesty lime, delicately crisp cucumber and cool thyme take this recipe to new heights.


Cooling mint and sweet strawberries add refreshing layers of flavor to a classic hard lemonade.