Grown-Up Lemonade Stand
Origin Story

Many of our childhood memories are based on the seasons—sledding down a snow-covered hill in winter, splashing in the puddles brought by spring, heading back to school in the fall and the unbridled joy of an always-too-short summer.

Did you ever try your hand at entrepreneurship and set up a lemonade stand? We sure did. Looking back on that seemingly booming business venture, those lukewarm pitchers of product left much to be desired. But hey, we were kids. Back then, our friends and family were doing us a favor by stepping up as customers.

As adults, though, we have to bring a little more to the table than a smile and paper cup of less-than-perfect lemonade to bring everyone together. We’ve collected some recipes that are sure to bring back all of the memories of those hot summer days (without the sticky hands and sweat). Gather a group of friends around these summery drinks, and you’ll be the one doing everyone else a favor this time.


Light, refreshing watermelon pairs perfectly with crisp lemonade for a new take on a summertime staple.


A classic blend of tart and sweet, our lemon drop couldn’t be more simple or purely delicious.


Cool, fresh mint brings a replenishing depth to this slightly acidic, zesty concoction.