Midsummer Night On The Coast
Origin Story

Some of our favorite stories come from vacations to visit friends. Especially when those friends live near a balmy beach, the time zooms by.

These weekend trips are a time to reminisce on all kinds of memories, and we always end up making more. Naturally, there are excursions, tours and activities that spark new stories, but the most organic moments are had around a table. Those summer days can be so long. Fire up the grill and pour a batch of cocktails, though, and everyone is ready for round two (or three or four).

It makes us feel relaxed just thinking about it. That was our goal when crafting these recipes, too. They’re all based on classic cocktails, and they’ve all got some kind of summer twist to immediately take you to that happy place. These summer dinner party favorites are sure to keep the stories flowing long after the sun goes down.


A summertime favorite, fresh watermelon adds a light, delicate flavor to the classic margarita.


Subbing lemon for lime, the California mule is a little bit brighter and lighter than a traditional Moscow mule.


Bubbly, refreshing and boldly flavorful, there’s no better way to beat the heat on a summer day.